Introducing the HawaiiGaga Google Gadget!

Nothing maintains the spirits like a daily dose of Hawaii. That’s why we’ve created a Google gadget to complement our Hawaii Google themes, called My Daily Hawaii.

What is a Google gadget? It’s simply an add-on that you attach to your Google home page. Instead of the boring and plain Google home page, you can add all sorts of gadgets to customize your Google page with extra information and tools.

What does My Daily Hawaii do?

  • Shows a new scenic picture of Hawaii every day. Can you guess the location?
  • Hawaii travel tips. There’s a lot to learn as you prepare for your next holiday.
  • Daily Hawaii trivia. Answer correctly to win super cute puppy picture prizes ™.
  • A weather forecast for the four main islands.
  • Flight alerts. Find out what others are paying for airfare from your airport to Hawaii.
  • Cool diggs. Recommendations on some very neat places to stay.
Hawaii Gaga Google Gadget with Super Cute Puppy Picture Prizes
My Daily Hawaii - The HawaiiGaga Google Gadget with Super Cute Puppy Picture Prizes

To add My Daily Hawaii to your Google home page, just click on the below button:

Add to iGoogle

Hawaii Weather Guides Update

We’ve updated our Hawaii weather guides to include monthly temperature and rainfall data for several towns on each island. This allows one to make assessments about the best time of year to travel, although it’s apparent that Hawaii is plenty nice year round.

Kekaha - one of the hottest areas of Hawaii
Kekaha - one of the hottest areas of Hawaii

The above sample shows Kekaha’s historic average monthly high temperatures. Kekaha must be one of the hottest and most arid regions in Hawaii, which confirms why nearby barking sands beach is said to make barking sounds when you walk on the beach – from the heat of the sand compressing under your feet. We’ve never heard the sand bark but we’ve burnt our feet on the extremely hot sand.