Barack Obama’s Kailua Vacation

Barack Obama is from Hawaii so it’s not surprising that he frequently visits the state and relatives on Oahu. On his last vacation in August he rented a vacation home on Kailua Beach – a very good choice for a quiet family vacation.

So besides enjoying Kailua beach, what does the soon to be U.S. President do while on vacation? How about body surf at Sandy Beach!

As a child Obama spent a considerable amount of time at Sandy’s and he knows how to handle the waves. He makes it look easy, but the waves at sandy beach are notoriously dangerous, it’s very easy to get pile drived into the sand and get a neck or other injury. Reports indicate he left his family to have fun at Hanauma Bay while he and a couple buddies (and the Secret Service) opted for a little more excitement.

[In the first part of the video he is throwing flowers into the ocean for his mother who passed away many years ago. Note: standing on lava ledges beside the ocean is a dangerous proposition – a slightly bigger wave and he would have been in trouble]