Powerful Waves at the Queen’s Bath

Following up on our previous post about Ocean Safety, we thought we’d share some pictures of what the Queen’s Bath looks like when 25 ft waves hit the coastline.

The power of the ocean can be mesmerizing, and some people feel the urge to experience that energy by getting close to it, despite the obvious (in this case) danger.

The Queen's Bath, Kauai, on normal day
The Queen's Bath on a day with small waves, but about the maximum safe size (click for big picture)

The following pictures (the 2nd set of three) were taken about 20 yards behind the large photo shown above. The photographer stood at the tree line, ready to grab onto a tree. The man in the first set of photos was eventually knocked over. Fortunately the jagged lava rocks charged a minimal fee of only a few ounces of blood to keep him put on the rocks. Note the Queen’s Bath isn’t even discernible anymore, completely over-run by water.

Big Wave at the Queen's Bath

A Big Wave at the Queen's Bath

A Big Wave at the Queen's Bath
Lucky this Time
The man in these pictures stood about 5 yards from the treeline, relying on the photographer to tell him when to make a run for it.
Queen's Bath Big Wave
Raw Power Approaches
Queen's Bath Big Wave
This is bad
Queen's Bath Big Wave

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  1. This is amazing, and much NEEDED….I went on first trip to Maui 8 years ago, and was floored on the pull of the ocean—I grew up In So Cal??

    Nothing prepares you for the magnitude or fury of the ocean—-THIS could be a lifesaver—————u did a great thing here:)

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