Hideaways Beach Path

Hideaways Beach is one of Princeville’s hidden gems. This hard to find little beach is located directly below the Puu Pua condos. There’s a path next to Puu Poa’s tennis courts that leads down to the beach. In the summer time Hideaways beach offers good snorkeling when the ocean is calm. There’s also a reef surf break just off the beach. Reef breaks aren’t good for beginners, but more experienced surfers sometimes come here when the prospects elsewhere aren’t great.

Despite being such a charismatic beach, Hideaways doesn’t see too many visitors. There are two reasons for this. First, the public parking facility servicing the beach only holds 9 cars. Second, the path down to the beach is steep. Children over the age of 4 will manage, but smaller will need to be carried. Those with mobility problems may also find the path daunting.

The following video shows the beach, and all the sections of the short path. You’ll notice there are some rusty but functional railings.