Hawaiian Monk Seal

The Hawaiian monk seal is an endangered species. Researchers estimate there to be roughly 1300 seals alive today. Fewer than 100 live around the major Hawaiian islands, the remainder around atolls and islets in the vast 1500 mile stretch of ocean that technically compromise the Hawaiian islands. Spotting a monk seal on vacation is a rare treat but the seals are not at all shy of humans and will beach themselves on any spot of sand no matter how crowded. Being endangered species, the seals may not be approached, but you can watch them take a nap on the sand from a distance (100ft).

Take a look at all the places we’ve spotted Seals around Hawaii. Click on the thumbnail to start the photo tour.

Seal at Mahukona, Big Island
Mahukona, Big Island
Monk seal and baby, Larsen's Beach Kauai
Larsen's Beach Kauai
Monk seal at Kuilei Cliffs Beach, Oahu
Kuilei Cliffs Beach, Oahu
Monk seal at Sealodge Beach, Kauai
Sealodge beach, Kauai