Kilauea Volcano

When people think of Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island, most envision a fiery lava spewing lake of glowing magma. That was the scene during a 1959 eruption when lava filled Kilauea Iki Crater. Although being the world’s most active volcano, those types of spectacular eruptions are quiet rare. In fact, most visitors to Volcanoes National Park don’t see any lava, with the lava flowing underground and exiting into the ocean in remote areas. Still, once expectations are put in check, anybody with at least some interest in Geology will love the Park. It’s a vast and interesting area with much to explore. The whole area exudes energy, with many gas vents hinting at the turmoil underfoot.

This video was captured by a lucky visitor to the park in September.

With Kilauea very active at the moment, there’s a good chance of some interesting “events”, as the USGS calls them. For up to date information, visit the US Geological Survey’s Kilauea Site.

Remember, if you’re going to visit the Volcano do yourself a favor and rent a place in either the Puna region or Volcano Village. Driving down from Kona to spend some time in the company of Pele is impractical and silly. If you enjoy hiking there are many options, and you’ll want to plan in advance.